• Reliance Frontenac groundbreaking

    Reliance Bank Groundbreaking, Frontenac, MO

    Sep 23, 2014

    Today, on the first full day of Autumn, Reliance Bank took advantage of gorgeous weather for a groundbreaking ceremony for their new branch bank facility in Frontenac, Missouri. Among the 30 or so attendees at the groundbreaking were City of Frontenac Officials, Reliance Bank Staff and Board Members, Don C. Musick (Constructor), and members of the Design Team from M+H Architects, O’Toole Design, Loomis & Associates and Civil Engineering Design Consultants.

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  • Go Ape 2014

    M+H “Goes Ape” With Team Building

    Sep 16, 2014

    On September 5th we held our 2nd annual team building event at Go Ape in Creve Coeur Park.  This is such a fun and unique event that we look forward to every year.  In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s an outdoor experience that provides participants hours of outdoor fun and exercise swinging from the treetops. 

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  • Reliance Bank The Grove

    Reliance Bank – The Grove

    Aug 21, 2014

    The existing three story building at the northwest corner of Manchester Road and Tower Grove Avenue has been approved to be renovated into the latest Reliance Bank location.  This new location will increase the bank’s St. Louis area presence to 22 branches.

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  • Anniversary Bowling

    Celebrating Our Anniversary

    Aug 19, 2014

    Last week marked our 25th year in business and while we are celebrating all year long in various ways we couldn’t let the day pass without some recognition of this milestone.  So we did what social activity we do best, we went bowling.  Nothing seems to bring our team together better than a little friendly competition.  After all, everyone is vying to put their team names on the bowling pin trophy that has been passed around for years.

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  • Social Media

    Social Media Milestones

    Aug 07, 2014

    We are on the verge of two social media milestones!  Not only are we one follower away from 100 on LinkedIn but we are also about to post our 100th tweet.  So how have we utilized social media and how do we plan on celebrating these milestones you ask?  Great questions!

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  • COE

    M+H Circle of Excellence Award Winner

    Jul 29, 2014

    M+H is proud to announce that we have been selected as a winner of the prestigious PSMJ 2014 Circle of Excellence Award.  PSMJ Resources, Inc. is the premier management consulting firm for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

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  • Collaborative


    Jul 08, 2014

    This is the final part of our trilogy discussing the cornerstones of our business; being responsive, creative, and collaborative.  Today’s post will share the importance of working with a collaborative team in an environment that promotes communication.

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  • Animations

    3D Modeling, Computer Animation & Renderings

    Jun 24, 2014

    M+H Architects utilizes Revit to create 3D models of buildings, sites and other areas of projects to clearly communicate the design intent, explain concepts and discuss the building in detail. This allows the client to see buildings in a way that isn’t available with 2D drawings. Many times we develop a model and include topography to get a realistic feel of the land, how the building integrates with the site, along with circulation, storm water detention, visibility and context. This approach is helpful because it reviews the design from an aerial viewpoint. We can take the result of the 3D model and create finished renderings for marketing, presentation and fundraising purposes. Check out our Vimeo Site to see our newly updated animations!

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  • Creative


    Jun 11, 2014

    Our last post spoke about being responsive, which has been a cornerstone of our business since the beginning; Click here to check it out.  This week’s post will explore how being creative is instrumental in staying on top of our game.

    To say that you’re “creative” can just be a common description that gets thrown around all too often. Being creative is much more than being curious, inventive and independent.  It also incorporates listening, trusting your gut, learning from experiences and as the cliché says “thinking outside the box.”

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  • Responsive


    May 29, 2014

    Over the next couple of weeks we want to elaborate on the adjectives we have chosen to define how we do business.  RESPONSIVE, CREATIVE, COLLABORATIVE; these characteristics are at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make. Our focus this week is our responsiveness.

    Responsiveness has been a cornerstone of our business since we formed in 1989. Being responsive is essential to promoting, developing and supporting any business. Being easily accessible (by phone, email, text, etc.) makes doing business easier, faster and more enjoyable. Everyone is busy and appreciates quick responses, but the quality and accuracy of the response is just as important as the speed of the response.

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  • Goya Competition 1

    Iron Chef Goya . . . The Results Are In!

    May 20, 2014

    Last week we held our long awaited Iron Chef . . . GOYA competition.  If you can’t remember why on Earth we were having an Iron Chef competition I suggest you check out this post to get all caught up.

    I think I speak for the entire office when I say I was pleasantly surprised when I started seeing the ingredients being compiled; people were taking this seriously!  We all laughed at the ingredient combinations when we randomly selected them, but I must say our competitors came up with some amazing (and unexpected) recipes!

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  • Anniversary Logos

    25th Anniversary Logos

    May 07, 2014

    You have probably noticed us using a variety of logos celebrating our 25th anniversary.  Each logo was designed with a story and a purpose to help us celebrate and honor this milestone in our business.

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  • Vianney Young Architects

    M+H Hosts St. John Vianney High School

    May 01, 2014

    In honor of National Architects Week, which was April 6-12, we offered to host local students interested in pursuing architecture.  We wanted to give them a glimpse of what a collaborative office environment looks like and the opportunity to see 3D modeling/animation and other technologies at work. 

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  • Iron Chef GOYA

    Iron Chef . . . GOYA Style!

    Apr 22, 2014

    The folks over at GOYA were kind enough to send us a beautiful basket to celebrate our 25th anniversary.   The basket was filled to the brim with a variety of their products for us all to sample.  For those of you that don’t know, GOYA is the largest Hispanic-owned company in the US and they are the premier source for authentic Latino cuisine.  

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  • Job Site Selfie

    The Job Site Selfie

    Apr 15, 2014

    Most Architects would agree that one of the best parts of the job is getting to head out to a project site and see your design being constructed.  The documents you spent months drawing are being put into action, the vision you had in your head is being physically built. 

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  • National Architecture Week

    National Architecture Week

    Apr 08, 2014

    This week marks the 8th annual National Architecture Week (NAW).  It is a week dedicated to increasing awareness of the roles architects play in driving positive change in our communities and to heighten the public’s appreciation of design.  It is held annually during the birth week of Thomas Jefferson, our nation’s first President/Architect which is on April 12.

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  • Reliance Bank

    Reliance Bank Frontenac

    Apr 01, 2014

    The new Reliance Bank in Frontenac, Missouri has been approved by the Frontenac Board of Aldermen and will be located at the northwest corner of Lindbergh Boulevard and Clayton Road.  The project will include the demolition of the existing building and the construction of a new 3,700 SF branch bank with a drive up canopy.

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  • Team

    M+H Architects Celebrates Silver Anniversary

    Mar 18, 2014

    2014 marks our 25th (silver) anniversary!  In case you don’t know, we are a St. Louis based architecture firm specializing in educational, industrial, retail and mission critical projects as well as commercial design.  Our story began in 1989 as two friends collaborating over the passion for design excellence, delivered with a personal touch, and has grown into a company with nationwide capabilities.

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  • M+H Celebrates 25 Years!

    M+H Celebrates 25 Years!

    Mar 13, 2014

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  • Mark Farmer Anniversary

    Mark Farmer Celebrates 20 years with M+H

    Mar 11, 2014

    Mark Farmer celebrated his 20th anniversary with M+H Architects on March 2nd of this year.  He was honored with a luncheon that included heartfelt and funny stories/pictures and was presented with an authentic basketball signed by his idol, Michael Jordan. 

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  • Rosati-Kain

    Rosati-Kain High School Anticipates Construction Start

    Feb 26, 2014

    Excitement is building; construction is coming & Rosati-Kain is ready!

    The new three-story school addition, convent demolition & renovation to the existing building are currently out to bid with a construction scheduled to start summer 2014.

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  • Hope Lake Saint louis

    Hope Montessori School

    Jan 30, 2014

    Earlier this week we tweeted a heartwarming picture that one of our long time clients sent over.  It was a sign a student at the new Hope Montessori School in Lake Saint Louis created to show his appreciation of the new facility.  The picture really speaks for itself but we also wanted to give you some background about the school and about the relationship we have developed with them.

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  • Throwback Thursday

    Throwback Thursday – PRI, Inc.

    Jan 23, 2014

    In following with the current industry trend of “Throwback Thursdays” this blog post is going to go back to the beginning; all the way back to our first “ground up” project.  It was back in 1990 where Progressive Recovery Inc. (PRI), in Dupo, Illinois, took a chance on a new up-and-coming architecture firm. 

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  • Mark and Larry

    The Great LinkedIn Mystery

    Jan 16, 2014

    A funny thing happened a couple weeks ago.  We decided to revamp our Corporate LinkedIn page (click here to follow us and get our updates) and really make it work for us.  So after some updating and a couple of minor tweaks we were ready to re-launch our page.  That’s when we realized the majority of our employees weren’t linked to our corporate page; they simply listed M+H Architects as their employer.

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  • como1

    Co-Mo Electric Cooperative

    Jan 09, 2014

    M+H Architects master planned Co-Mo’s existing site to maximize the space available, improve site circulation, expand capabilities for future needs and implement a phased approach for the construction of building components.  The original site, located near the center of the state, in Tipton, MO, housed the original 1959 office which had an attached garage, too small for construction trucks and large service trucks, a separate warehouse with a loading platform and a separate vehicle storage building. The existing office had been added to twice over the last 30 years, creating additional corridor requirements for circulation and office spaces that are accessed through adjacent spaces.

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  • Sara Jelercic

    M+H Welcomes Sara Jelercic

    Jan 07, 2014

    M+H recently added Sara Jelercic to their staff as Marketing Coordinator.  Sara has over a decade of experience in the marketing field specializing in the architecture/construction industry.  She is responsible for the support and development of all corporate marketing efforts as well as increasing brand awareness.

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  • 2013 Holiday Card

    Happy Holidays from M+H

    Jan 02, 2014

    This year M+H held an internal design competition for our e-mailable Holiday card.  We had a total of 19 entries and after a companywide vote Josh Bender’s design was chosen.   At the holiday season, our thoughts turn to those who have helped make our success possible.  We wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

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  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition

    Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

    Dec 26, 2013

    Does anyone really know where the ugly Christmas sweater originated?  What classifies an ugly Christmas sweater anyways?  The official definition should be any Christmas themed sweater that is tacky, gaudy, and/or obnoxious. 

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  • meadows streetscape christopher  banks no people

    Another Award at The Meadows at Lake Saint Louis

    Nov 27, 2013

    M+H Architects recently received news that another award was presented for The Meadows at Lake Saint Louis, this time for the Nike Factory Store. M+H, along with the general contractor, masonry supplier and building owner, have merited the TEAM award (Tribute to Exemplary Achievements in Masonry) which was presented in fall of 2012 during the midyear MCAA meeting in Park City, Utah.

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  • Stomach Stretcher


    Nov 26, 2013

    You know, you often hear people say that “practice makes perfect” or that repetition is the best way to master a task. Well, we intended to make no mistakes in preparation for this holiday season as this week our office participated in the Annual M+H “Stomach Stretcher.” While the event was certain to re-shape your physique and leave you utterly exhausted, it was by no means athletic. In the most eloquent term, it was a feast; fit for a small army of designers.

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  • CG wLogo

    M+H Welcomes Chad Guempel

    Nov 22, 2013

    M+H recently hired Chad Guempel for the position of Intern Architect. Chad comes to us with a 2013 Master of Architecture degree from the University of Kansas. He also has the distinguished experience of being a De Smet Jesuit High School graduate. He worked the summer of 2011 with a large Washington DC firm and then the summer of 2012 with a smaller firm in Chicago.  Welcome Chad!

    -          N. Storm

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  • hope westminster frt view for web

    Hope Montessori Academy in Lake Saint Louis

    Nov 16, 2013

    Hope Montessori Academies are renowned for providing the highest quality Montessori education available. M+H just finished design for a new facility for Hope Educational & Research Center, to be located in Lake Saint Louis, MO. This school is a site adaptation and update to previous plans developed for Hope’s Westminster, CO school (photo above). The building is approximately 10,000 SF and is expected to be completed in 2013. This building represents the 23rd project we’ve completed for Hope Educational & Research Center.

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  • Go Ape

    M+H Goes APE!!

    Nov 15, 2013

    M+H and O’Toole literally “went ape” on November 7th when we held a team-building treetop adventure at “GO APE” in Creve Coeur Park! The course includes zip lines, obstacles galore and Tarzan swings which took nearly 3 hours for the group to complete. (Being the eldest of the group, I can attest to feeling a bit like a dare devil at the finish line!) It was a lot of fun!

    -          N. Storm

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  • lightening storm

    Trip to Nowhere

    Nov 08, 2013

    Editor’s Note: Although I’m sure it didn’t feel very funny to him at the time, last spring we received an email from Todd (in our office) that is worth sharing here just because it’s funny! See the story below: 

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  • fr tolton cath hs frt viewgrass

    Father Tolton Regional Catholic High School

    Nov 02, 2013

    This new Catholic High School for the Diocese of Jefferson City, MO is a joint project with Peckham & Wright Architects of Columbia, MO. It is a multi-phased project that provides the flexibility necessary when beginning a new high school in a quickly developing area. Phase I includes the sitework along with 84,000 SF of building which incorporates 14,000 SF of shell building ready for immediate expansion.

    Please see our “Educational” tab of our “Projects” section for more information and photos!

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  • diner


    Nov 01, 2013

    It’s interesting how the people who inhabit a particular building perceive architecture. For instance, finely dressed executives and judges mostly occupy monumental structures, which in some respects are stuffy, snooty buildings that overpower the surrounding area.

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  • Team Alignment2

    Welcome to Our Updated Website

    Oct 23, 2013

    Welcome to the newly updated and refreshed M+H Website. Aaahh, now isn’t that better? We’ve endeavored to make the site interesting, informative and just plain fun.  In the process of developing the site, we’ve even learned new aspects, interests and some history about each other; some of which is fascinating and some which is just plain weird. Find out how we were influenced to become architects.

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  • TAWs baseball

    A Fall Classic

    Oct 22, 2013

    Fall has almost completely set in and as the end of October approaches, St. Louis has earned the opportunity, once again, to host baseball’s Fall Classic. Baseball fans from around the country will soon arrive in downtown St. Louis with the anticipation of seeing some exciting baseball and experience a little bit of St. Louis culture.

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  • northlandparkmasterplan 2

    Northland Park – Business Park

    Aug 06, 2013

    M+H Architects is working with Rockefeller Group and Cassidy Turley to review selected parcels at Northland Park in Kansas City. We’ve been assisting with marketing exhibits and supporting documents such as site plans, perspective renderings, 3D models and animations.

    Rockefeller Group Development has exclusive development rights on 420 acres at Northland Park. They plan development of distribution facilities and warehouses ranging in size from 150,000 SF to 1 Million SF. The available lot sizes range anywhere from 11 to 85 acres. Northland Park is also home to Musician’s Friend, another completed M+H project you can read about in our Industrial Projects Section.

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  • asynchrony sails adj

    Asynchrony Solutions – Interior Tenant Finishes

    Jul 15, 2013

    M+H Architects, in a joint venture with O’Toole Design Associates, recently completed an impressive 48,000 SF software provider interiors project for Asynchrony Solutions in Downtown St. Louis. Please see the “Technology – Mission Critical” tab of our “Projects” section for more information and additional photos.

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  • Wells ext curve

    Wells Vehicle Electronics

    Jul 10, 2013

    This project for Wells Vehicle Electronics is a new, 2-story, 63,000 SF building to be connected via an enclosed link to their existing facility, which will remain. The new building is intended for relocation of Corporate offices and expansion of Engineering, Electronics and Mechanical labs, along with a vehicle garage. The exterior and interior of the existing facility will also be renovated.

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  • mh well

    Please Note Our New Address

    Jul 10, 2013

    We’re all moved into our new space!
    M+H Architects
    2150 Schuetz Road, Suite 200
    St. Louis, MO 63146

    Please go to the “Corporate” tab of our “Projects” section for additional photos and information about our new corporate office space!

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  • Goya frt rend

    GOYA Foods – New Office & Food Grade Distribution Facility

    Jul 10, 2013

    Goya Foods is the largest Hispanic-owned business in the U.S. and celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2011. At about 631,000 SF, this will be the largest of Goya’s 15 American facilities.

    This flagship facility is a new three-story corporate headquarters office with two-level mezzanine and a new, single-story, food-grade distribution center. It will replace Goya’s current headquarters in Secaucus, NJ when it moves to this 40-acre site in Jersey City, NJ. Included in the project will be a dry warehouse, freezer/cooler/cold dock, shipping/receiving office and main office. The design provides for a highly mechanized material handling system, multi-level pick modules and 41’ clear height ceilings. It is constructed of load-bearing precast complimented with metal panel and glass accents that create an image and quality reflective of the Goya brand.

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  • ATD Grand Junction CO5

    American Tire Distributors – Retail/Distribution Facilities

    Jul 10, 2013

    American Tire Distributors, with 97 distribution centers servicing 40 states, is expanding their operations to exceed today’s fast growing market. ATD selected BC Construction Group and M+H Architects to provide them with exceptional design, technology and finishes for this Colorado facility and multiple other locations across the country including Colorado Springs, CO, and Londonderry, NH.

    This new 82,800 SF facility recently completed in Grand Junction, Colorado allows American Tire the ability to sell on site, direct to their clients. Square footage includes approximately 4,000 SF of office space and the distribution center has 28-foot clear height ceilings.

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  • WWT twinight-far view

    World Wide Technology – Multi-Functional Corporate Center

    Jul 10, 2013

    This recently completed project is a new, 2-story, 57,200 SF headquarters to the east of World Wide Technology’s existing four building campus in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

    Please see the “Corporate” tab of our “Projects” section for additional information and photos.

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  • South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative – New Facility

    Jul 10, 2013

    M+H Architects met with management and staff to identify and set goals and priorities for the South Central Arkansas Electric Cooperative (SCAEC) facilities. The new facility will utilize approximately 8 of the 25 acres they recently acquired, giving them room for long range growth and future expansion. The 28,944 SF office, operations, warehouse and vehicle storage building will limit the need for redundant support facilities and get management and operations crews under the same roof. All of the service and construction vehicles will be located under roof with the loading and warehouse area in the center of the building, on the same level, for ease of moving materials and equipment. A separate 5,032 SF of vehicle maintenance building with service bays and covered storage is also included. A fuel island will also be located on the site.

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  • CrawfordElecElev

    Crawford Electric Cooperative – New Office & Operations Facility

    Jul 10, 2013

    This spring, M+H Architects and Crawford Electric Cooperative completed a new, 67,369 SF single level, office and operations facility consisting of a new office, warehouse and vehicle storage building.

    Please see the “Corporate” tab of our “Projects” section for additional information.

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  • Citizen Perryville_corner

    Citizens Electric Corporation – New Headquarters & Service Centers

    Jul 10, 2013

    Construction is now complete for the 75,813 SF Headquarters, a 45,769 SF North Service Center, and a 34,916 SF South Service Center for Citizens Electric Corporation.

    Please see the “Corporate” tab of our “Projects” section for photos and additional information.

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  • 24 years

    24 Years of Delivering What We Promise!

    Jul 10, 2013

    • Personal attention, design excellence and value
    • Successful Project delivery by talented, enthusiastic individuals
    • Consistent, thorough and complete documents
    • Innovation at every level of service
    • Responsive team approach to serving clients
    • Strong, long term relationships with clients and consultants

    THANK YOU!   We’re grateful to all our clients, friends and associates for our continued success!

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  • MMA Stribling farther back

    Missouri Military Academy – Stribling Hall

    Aug 16, 2013


    Missouri Military Academy, a junior and college preparatory boarding school for grades 5 through 12, is a beautiful campus on 228 acres in Mexico, Missouri. It is one of the premier all-boy private military boarding schools in the country. MMA has an impressive record of college admission and thousands of accomplished alumni who have assumed positions of authority in business, finance, education, the arts and the military. M+H Architects has developed a great relationship with Missouri Military Academy while working on multiple, significant projects since 2001.

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