National Architecture Week

This week marks the 8th annual National Architecture Week (NAW).  It is a week dedicated to increasing awareness of the roles architects play in driving positive change in our communities and to heighten the public’s appreciation of design.  It is held annually during the birth week of Thomas Jefferson, our nation’s first President/Architect which is on April 12.

In honor of NAW M+H Architects is opening their newly designed collaborative office to provide a venue for local students interested in architecture giving them an insight into the 3D modeling/animation and other technologies along with career opportunities.

Wondering if architecture is right for you?  Bob Borson, author of The Life of an Architect blog, put together a great list of his top 10 reasons to become an architect.  I recommend you check them out here.

Just for fun we polled our employees and came up with our own Top 25 list (in honor of our 25th anniversary).  Some of them are serious, some are funny, but all are genuine reasons to explore architecture as a career path.   Do you have some reasons that haven’t made our list?  Let us know via Twitter @M_H_Architects #archweek14.


Top reasons to become an architect:

  1. If you’re good at what you do, your work will outlive you.
  2. You enjoy making something out of nothing and learning how buildings are truly built.
  3. You learn how things go together, come apart, function and fail.
  4. Architecture is one of the few professions where you truly learn something every day.
  5. You can say, “Trust me, I’m an architect.”
  6. Have you SEEN our handwriting? We never have to use lower case letters.
  7. Getting dressed in the morning is easy when all of your clothes are black.
  8. Contractors need somebody to ridicule (until we refuse to sign their pay request).
  9. Almost everything works on paper.
  10. You get to work with all kinds of people. The good ones make work enjoyable and the bad ones make you appreciate the good ones.
  11. You’ll find plenty of friends, most of whom need a deck or a room addition.
  12. You get to learn about a lot of different things and about a lot of different industries.
  13. It’s the world’s second oldest profession.
  14. You will be mistaken for an engineer without learning the required math.
  15. We’re addicted to Legos.
  16. Most strangers you meet will inevitably say “I thought about being an architect.”
  17. There is a whole new level of time management in architecture.
  18. Every project is a learning experience.
  19. Clear as mud will become your “favorite” phrase.
  20. Try to argue with us . . . I double dog dare you.
  21. Sustainability – it’s supposed to be “Green”
  22. A lot of people go to college for 7 years . .  .
  23. Anything that associates you with George Costanza is a good thing, right?
  24. Your imagination is limitless!  (but not budget-less)
  25. It’s better than working in fast food.