M+H Hosts St. John Vianney High School

In honor of National Architects Week, which was April 6-12, we offered to host local students interested in pursuing architecture.  We wanted to give them a glimpse of what a collaborative office environment looks like and the opportunity to see 3D modeling/animation and other technologies at work. 

This past Thursday St. John Vianney High School took us up on the offer.  We were fortunate enough to host about 15 students all eager to learn and explore the career path of an architect.  We began with quick introductions, a tour around our office, and then got into the details of what we do and how we do it.

We knew if we simply talked about the things we do and the technologies we use we would bore these students right out of architecture.  We wanted to make this a casual and interactive platform, something that would entice the students’ enthusiastic participation.  This is when we turned the tables and asked the students to form groups and work together to come up with a design for a dog house.  We showed some samples and gave them 20 minutes to collaborate and get their design on paper.  There was a little hesitation at first, but once the ideas started coming there was no stopping them.  We ended up with 5 remarkable and unique designs.

The students voted on the best design and while we reviewed the project one of our Intern Architects snuck away with the winning design.  He quickly rendered the drawing and printed it out to demonstrate how quickly hand drawings can become 3D renderings.

After a brief discussion about the rendering we answered any questions the students had.  It was a great experience for us and we hope the students found it to be an invaluable tool in planning their future.  We look forward to making it an annual event and continuing to share the importance of design with students.