Matt Bauer

Matt Bauer Passes Final Exam to Become Licensed Architect

A couple weeks ago Matt Bauer received official notice that he passed the 7th and final exam in the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Architect Registration Exam (ARE).  He is now the 9th licensed architect at M+H.

“As a kid, I always used my imagination to build things” Bauer said.  “I would spend hours building, creating and rebuilding all sorts of things with Legos.  That coupled with my love of drawing, architecture just seemed to be the right path to follow.”   He knew he was headed in the right direction when the architects that were working on an addition to his high school showed him a few 3D/lighting programs.  Once he got that inside look he was hooked.

Larry Mitchell, Principal of M+H Architects said, “Matt had the tenacity and made the time to study between his busy work schedule and his sometimes even busier home life (with a wife and 3 young boys!). . . that is no easy task.”

Matt became eligible (per IDP rules) in 2007, but didn’t begin the process until spring 2013.  “Life seemed to get in the way; I changed firms, had two kids (in addition to the one we already had), went through two layoffs, and of course there’s my natural tendency to procrastinate.”  When asked what advice he would give his younger self about architecture he said, “I would believe in myself more and not be hesitant to pursue my goals quicker.”

While all 7 portions of the exam have their challenges, Matt found the most challenging to be the structures portion.  “I was challenged by the amount of material and the mathematical equation side of the exam.”

When he received the email notifying his passing score he immediately told his mentor/co-worker Larry Valenza.  “Larry has always pushed and encouraged me to become licensed, and since we were the first two in the office that day he heard the news first.  Then I called my wife, of course!”

Matt was presented with an embroidered pull over to commemorate the occasion as well as the inter-office traveling T-square trophy to which he added his name.  He’ll get to keep the trophy until the next employee receives their certification, which will likely be in the very near future!  Congrats Matt!