Mark Farmer Celebrates 20 years with M+H

Mark Farmer celebrated his 20th anniversary with M+H Architects on March 2nd of this year.  He was honored with a luncheon that included heartfelt and funny stories/pictures and was presented with an authentic basketball signed by his idol, Michael Jordan. 

Mark is a Project Manager and a graduate from the University of Kansas.  He is a skilled and motivated member of the M+H team and thoroughly understands all aspects of design.  While Mark does present a quiet demeanor, he has built quite a reputation for his rigorous organization, attention to detail and commitment to producing comprehensive, accurate documents.

He has worked on a variety of projects nationwide including the St. Louis Rams Training Facility, Missouri Military Academy, The Psychological Corporation, Barnes and Noble, Disney, Verizon and multiple projects at various locations for Ascent and Sysco Foods.

The following statement exemplifies Mark’s everyday mindset:  “I feel very fortunate to be able to listen to a client’s needs and use my experience and creativity to find solutions.  A satisfied client is my ultimate goal for every project.”

We are glad to have Mark as part of the M+H team and congratulate him on his accomplishments and contributions to our success.