The Job Site Selfie

Most Architects would agree that one of the best parts of the job is getting to head out to a project site and see your design being constructed.  The documents you spent months drawing are being put into action, the vision you had in your head is being physically built.  But, you are still working while on site, and part of the job is photographing the construction process.  This is when a phenomenon can occur that can make or break your images; you might be unintentionally taking a job site selfie.

There is nothing worse than combing through your site photos back at the office, only to find that you were caught in the reflection of a window looking disheveled and awkward.  When taking a picture of a parapet, it’s hard to pay attention to the foreground and the background without dropping your tape measure, set of drawings and meeting notes.

Even if you can manage to take a picture while holding a reasonable posture, the job site itself can ruin a picture.  For example, you are taking a picture of an outstanding entry feature only to later find out that over your shoulder, clear as day, was the site porta-potty, the one with the broken door, where Phil the mason is waving to you while reading a Mad Magazine.

If you can remember three things while taking construction photos it might save you from an embarrassing job site selfie:

  1. Compose your subject
  2. Be aware of all reflections
  3. Be aware of the surrounding  job site

To reduce the likelihood of an unintentional job site selfie, always remember to take the time to actually look at the scene through the viewfinder instead of quickly snapping away.

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