Iron Chef . . . GOYA Style!

The folks over at GOYA were kind enough to send us a beautiful basket to celebrate our 25th anniversary.   The basket was filled to the brim with a variety of their products for us all to sample.  For those of you that don’t know, GOYA is the largest Hispanic-owned company in the US and they are the premier source for authentic Latino cuisine.  

At first we were going to put the basket in the common area for people to sample or take home items they wanted to try.  But then we decided we wanted to get more creative and go one step further and just like that the GOYA Iron Chef competition was created.

We have 10 employees going head to head in a fierce competition.  Each employee drew randomly for two ingredients which included things like quinoa, refried beans, guava paste, rice, cookies, seasonings, mango juice, and more.  The competition will be held on May 8th . . . as close to Cinco de Mayo as we could get without schedule conflicts.

Judging will be based on taste, presentation, and the number of additional GOYA products used to create their dish.  Stay tuned to see what our chefs can come up with!  Thanks GOYA!