Immersive Design Update

Immersive Design

We are progressing so quickly with our use of immersive design/virtual reality software that it is hard to keep our blog updated frequently enough. Hopefully you have had the chance to check out our most recent marketing video promoting our Immersive Design process here. Since we finished that video, we have added a number of items to our bag of tricks.

We, as designers, think and design in 3D. Thanks to our BIM software, we are able to document our designs in 3D. With our Immersive Design process, we are able to present our designs to our clients in an immersive 3D virtual environment. Now, we have finally found a way to document the construction process in a way that complements our Immersive Design process. With the use of a 360 camera and customized google cardboard viewers, we can give out of town clients a way to experience their projects in an interactive and immersive way as it is under construction and after it is complete. These images allow us to capture and discover more coordination items in the field with the benefit of literally giving us eyes in the back of our heads. We see a time in the not too distant future where virtual walkthroughs will start to replace more conventional written field reports. Interactive 360 video and photography give every project stakeholder a chance to discover what they need to know in a certain room or project condition.

We, at M+H Architects, are excited where technology is heading and how it is shaping the way we work with clients. Being able to share our designs in a way clients understand and can interact with is a game changer. We are ecstatic to now be able to share with our client’s immersive imagery starting on the first day of design to after the project is finished and looking to be leased.

M+H is happy to give live demonstrations of how we use our Immersive Design strategy with clients whether you are part of the construction industry or an educator. We have presented to a number of clients, real estate brokers, building contractors, have given an Immersive Design lecture at the University of Kansas, and most recently presented to small group of 5th graders to name a few.

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