The Great LinkedIn Mystery

A funny thing happened a couple weeks ago.  We decided to revamp our Corporate LinkedIn page (click here to follow us and get our updates) and really make it work for us.  So after some updating and a couple of minor tweaks we were ready to re-launch our page.  That’s when we realized the majority of our employees weren’t linked to our corporate page; they simply listed M+H Architects as their employer.

To remedy this we had each employee edit their personal page to link directly to the M+H corporate page – easy fix right?  We thought so, but when employees made the switch it looked as though they were recently hired or promoted . . . not a big deal . . . except for our Principals.

Mark Hugeback first realized it when he got multiple emails congratulating him on the promotion and people asking if he bought Larry Mitchell out or if Larry retired!   Wait . . . what . . . hold the phone . . .how did that rumor start?  That led us to dig deeper and realize that Larry didn’t even have a LinkedIn page.

So when Mark updated his page his connections saw an update that said he got a promotion.  When they clicked on the M+H Corporate Page Larry wasn’t listed because he didn’t have a page . . . and the confusion ensued.

Rest assured it has all been straightened out . . . the rumor mill can come to a stop.  There was no promotion, no retirement, no buy out, no dramatic falling out – Mark and Larry are still friends and Principals of M+H . . . and Larry now has a LinkedIn page.

Our team is intact and continuing to provide design excellence.