Justin Bruce

Following Your Passion

To say Justin Bruce, one of our Intern Architects, is passionate about design is an understatement.  With a degree in architecture along with minors in History of Art and Architecture, Fine Arts, and Global Studies he is exceptional at what he does.  He will tell you he has a need to design.  “I love designing anything and everything (mostly architecture), which is directly related to my second passion . . . music.”

Justin played drums for about 8 years before picking up his first guitar and he instantly fell in love with it.  Playing guitar is a lot like designing if you think about it.  It is all about the ability to create things with a simple set of tools. Musicians design guitar licks and strumming patterns to develop a unique sound that fits a certain feeling or mood. Architects design spaces & buildings utilizing patterns, rhythms, proportions and materials in a unique way that responds to a client’s culture, needs, goals and vision. “In my opinion, the concept is so similar between music and the architectural design process, but that’s only a guess as to why I enjoy them both so much.”

This past spring Justin’s wife, Danielle, traveled to Sin City (Las Vegas) for a work conference with over 1,000 people in attendance. The conference was held at the Aria Hotel where they had several games and contests for the attendees to play with a wide range of prizes. She was shocked to be one of the few to hear her name called to spin a replica Wheel of Fortune wheel. The prizes on the wheel ranged in value; anywhere from $50 to $500.  Each “value” had its own glass case filled with different prizes worth the stated value.

Danielle just happened to land on the highest value and had the opportunity to pick anything she wanted. A few of her options included: A Hero 4 GoPro Camera, a Burton Pro Custom Snowboard, A Designer Purse, and a Fender Blacktop HSH Stratocaster. “Low and behold she chose the Fender Strat – FOR ME!” Justin said.  “I still can’t believe she didn’t take the designer purse.”

What makes this guitar so special is that it comes with not one, but two humbucker pickups in addition to a single coil pickup between the two humbuckers! It takes an already American supercharged guitar to an even bigger and more aggressive tone. This will be the 6th guitar in Justin’s growing collection, he currently has 2 acoustic and 4 electric. When he isn’t playing them they hang in his basement along with several framed albums including The Beatles – Abbey Road, Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon, BB King – Live at the Regal, Led Zeppelin – House of the Holy, Tom Petty – Damn The Torpedo’s, and AC/DC – Back in Black.

“Each day I leave work after designing on paper, and go home to design on the guitar.  As my dad would say, ‘life is good’.”

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