Evelyn Passes Final Exam to Become First Female Licensed Architect at M+H

Evelyn Fleddermann received notice this week that she passed the 7th and final exam in the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) Architect Registration Exam (ARE).  She not only becomes the 10th licensed architect at M+H but she is the first female architect at the firm.

“I think my love of designing spaces came from building forts with blankets and chairs as a kid,” Fleddermann said.  “I can’t walk into a room without reimagining it improved one way or another.  It can be something as simple as moving a window or door to something bigger like a whole new color scheme or rearranging an entire building.”

“It has been so fun to watch Evelyn’s career path,” said Larry Mitchell, Principal of M+H Architects.   “She not only brings such genuine talent to our firm, but her positive energy is contagious,” Mitchell added.

Evelyn took a non-traditional path into architecture.  She went to night school at Washington University while working at M+H during the day.  Once she graduated she was required to work 8 years before she could start taking the NCARB exams.  “Once I became eligible I took my time getting around to it.  The thought of studying for all those exams in the midst of the rest of your life is very daunting.”

When asked what advice she would give her younger self about architecture Evelyn said, “Relax.  There are times when you have to work long hours and deadlines are so stressful but you need to keep it all in perspective.  Be present in all the moments of your life, especially those with your family and loved ones; you’ll remember those times, not how busy things were at work.”

When she received the email notifying her of her passing score her husband was right by her side.  “I think we both just felt such relief.”  She was presented with an embroidered pull over to commemorate the occasion as well as a new inter-office traveling T-square trophy to which she added her name.  She’ll get to keep the trophy until the next employee receives their certification, which will hopefully be in the very near future!  Congrats Evelyn!