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Deane and Valenza Have Been Promoted to Associates of M+H Architects

As M+H celebrates its 27th anniversary this month, two of our Senior Project Managers are celebrating promotions of their own.  Mike Deane and Larry Valenza have both been promoted to Associates of M+H.  A year and a half ago, they joined the founding Principals, Larry Mitchell and Mark Hugeback, to round out the leadership team and have demonstrated their increased commitment to clients, our staff and the strategic growth of M+H.

Deane joined M+H in 1997 and has been leading our private educational and mission critical market segments.  He spearheaded the initiative for specializing in mission critical facilities and has continued to grow it into one of M+H’s top markets.

“Clients love working with Mike because he will not only go the extra mile to ensure they are happy but he is responsive and keeps an open dialogue with them throughout the entire process” said Larry Mitchell.  “He has been instrumental in the success of our firm and has transitioned into his role on the Leadership team seamlessly.  He continually mentors the younger staff members but never takes himself too seriously,” Mitchell added.

Valenza joined M+H in 2002 after specializing in religious design with another firm.  At M+H he quickly became the expert for the religious, financial and industrial markets.  His ability to take complex problems and develop creative solutions that produce successful projects has catapulted his career.

“Larry has a keen understanding of his clients and what they need to be successful” said Mark Hugeback.  “Adding him to the leadership team was an easy decision. He knows the importance of moving our company forward and more importantly he has a good grasp of how to do it” Hugeback added.

In addition to their continued roles of leading and managing project teams, Deane and Valenza are part of the strategic planning for M+H, the development of company wide goals, recruiting, and employee development.