Our last post spoke about being responsive, which has been a cornerstone of our business since the beginning; Click here to check it out.  This week’s post will explore how being creative is instrumental in staying on top of our game.

To say that you’re “creative” can just be a common description that gets thrown around all too often. Being creative is much more than being curious, inventive and independent.  It also incorporates listening, trusting your gut, learning from experiences and as the cliché says “thinking outside the box.”

Ensuring M+H cultivates a creative work environment and produces creative work starts with our team.  We need to be diligent about finding out what makes our clients happy, what works for them, what frustrates them, and what they find inadequate.  The focus must always remain on our clients and what is preventing them from achieving their goals.  That’s when M+H comes in with creative solutions for our clients unique problems.

In our industry creativity often means something different to each client.  How our creativity benefits a corporate client will be different than how it affects an educational client.  Our level of creativity helps elevate our clients to a higher more competitive level and it all starts with a comprehensive understanding of what our client does and how they do it.

For example, when working with a school our creativity should enhance the student experience and inspire the faculty all while cultivating a learning environment.  However, in an office setting we strive to have our creativity promote the corporate culture, improve employee efficiency, and leverage collaboration all to recruit and retain top talent.

Bill Roper, Principal at Peak Consulting to said, “In the 4 projects we’ve worked on with M+H, across the board, every Owner was in fact “wowed” by their intuition and interpretation of what the Owner was trying to accomplish in terms of architectural beauty, community image, space program, creativity and flexibility.”

Hearing words like that is a testament to the level of creativity we bring to the table for each and every project.  Our creativity isn’t limited to fancy drawings or elaborate building details; it proves that a good looking building doesn’t have to cost more than a lackluster one.  Our creativity encompasses how we develop and implement innovative design solutions; how we listen (and comprehend what our clients are saying); how we stay on the cutting edge of technology – as well as the 25 years of experience we bring to each project.

Bob Brinkmann, of Brinkmann Constructors said, “M+H Architects continue to consistently deliver creative, innovative design solutions that meet our project’s budget and schedule.”

Creativity is a valuable asset in all facets of life, but in architecture it really helps us stand out from the crowd.