Competitive Team Building

This year we changed up our team building event and decided to get a little more competitive with a human foosball tournament! This proved to not only be a great team building event but a total work out and fierce competition.  The four teams of 6 players competed in a round robin tournament and one team was left undefeated.

There were a couple bruises, blisters, and sore muscles but I think it is safe to say that everyone had a good time.  We even had a stand out player of the day . . . .as highlighted by our human foosball correspondent Justin Bruce:

As most of you are aware, Mike Deane made his much anticipated return to the human Foosball field last night with a clinical performance at the midfielder position. Mike said, “It felt great to get back out on the pitch again. The legs feel great and I’m becoming more and more comfortable taking my roundhouse kick shots and attacking the net.” Mike continued to say, “I just want to thank all my fans for the support they have given me over these last couple of days. It’s meant a lot, and I really feel all the positive energy you guys have sent my way. Thank you all.” This is a sports icon we can all look up to. Above (bottom row/middle picture) is an action shot taken by Mark Hugeback who was able to capture this incredible Foosball icon’s focus and determination, all in one photo.