Celebrating Our Anniversary

Last week marked our 25th year in business and while we are celebrating all year long in various ways we couldn’t let the day pass without some recognition of this milestone.  So we did what social activity we do best, we went bowling.  Nothing seems to bring our team together better than a little friendly competition.  After all, everyone is vying to put their team names on the bowling pin trophy that has been passed around for years.

While we all had a great time, we did take the opportunity to reflect on the past and how far we have come.  When you look back to 1989 and what started as two friends with a passion for architecture and a drive for success, it really has been (and continues to be) an amazing journey.  We are honored to have had the privilege of working with amazing clients, partners, and colleagues.

We look forward to what the future holds for us and appreciate the opportunity to continue making visions into realities.  Here is a glance back in time to what we believe is Sunday morning setting up our office for business on Monday.  A door on concrete blocks and wood shelves, a demo copier, and a typewriter . . . those were the days!

First Day 1989