Career Day1

Career Day with Orchard Farm Middle School

On May 18th Bret Fendelman participated in the Orchard Farm Middle School Career Fair.  The school gathered a wide variety of careers to present to the 6th and 7th grade students.  The students were eager to hear from a firefighter, a business owner, an architect, and someone in sports medicine.

There were over 250 students assembled in the gym when Bret arrived.  Each presenter had 15 minutes to talk about their career and about 15-20 minutes of questions from the students.  Bret went over the degree you needed to become an architect, what classes to take, his favorite things about being an architect, and advice on how to succeed in the field.

“The kids seemed to be most interested in the technology we use to build our models,” said Fendelman.  “I started talking about a virtual reality technology we use to walk our clients through their new buildings.  Before I knew it a student was asking me if it was Oculus Rift, which it was.  I was totally blown away.”

The students asked some really profound questions which of course included ‘how much do you make.’  Bret added, “There were so many questions we actually ran out of time.  It is so inspiring to see these young students so engaged.”