25th Anniversary Logos

You have probably noticed us using a variety of logos celebrating our 25th anniversary.  Each logo was designed with a story and a purpose to help us celebrate and honor this milestone in our business.

The Bold 25 Logo

M+H 2012 color logo

This logo was created for its simplicity and similarity to our corporate logo.  We wanted something that said it all without saying too much . . . something that was legible at a small size and emphasized the 25.  You will notice this logo on drawings, letterhead, and animations. This logo was also used to create the following mosaic:

The Mosaic

FINAL 2014 Mosaic Edges v2 small

This graphic was printed on a piece of glass approximately 39”x24” and hung in our office to commemorate the anniversary.  It is a compilation of team members and projects that all come together to form the original anniversary logo.  We love all the elements and pieces that make the picture whole, which is also how we view our company.  Without every client, colleague, project, and team member M+H wouldn’t be what it is today.

 The Logo Block

M+H 25yrs signature large

This logo builds on our corporate logo while adding our anniversary along with three words that best define our mission and process; Responsive + Creative + Collaborative.  It is clear, crisp, and easy to read. You will see this logo as the signature of all our emails.

The Team

Team Logo For Website

We knew it  was important to create a logo that showcased our entire team.  This logo includes all of our employees – the ones you work with on a daily basis and the ones that work behind the scenes.  Without each of these individuals, working as a cohesive team, our success wouldn’t be possible.  This logo will be on the home page of our website in the picture scroll bar at the top of the page.

What started as two friends in 1989 has grown to support a team of 24 diverse individuals that build off each other’s talents to create the best solutions for each project.  We are grateful for each client, partner, contractor, subcontractor, and team member we have worked with over the years that have allowed us to experience success.