2017 Total Eclipse

2017 Total Solar Eclipse

M+H staff, donned with our paper solar eclipse glasses, (reminiscent of those old red and blue 3D glasses) witnessed the eclipse Monday as most of you reading this probably did.  As the amount of the eclipse increased, the phones calls and emails proportionally decreased as we witnessed the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

It was amazing to witness the softening of the sunlight, the slight break in the heat, and the excitement in everyone during the big moment at the pinnacle of the eclipse.  It was weird to watch the street lights illuminate, see strange shadow patterns on the ground, and hear the cicadas abruptly start chirping in the middle of the day.    

Our entire building celebrated with BBQ hot dogs, chips, and snow cones.  We have a few astronomy buffs in our office, and when Todd set up his telescope and projected the image onto the backdrop, you could really experience how quickly the shape changed, but also how often the alignment had to be adjusted in order to keep up with the speed at which it tracked across the sky.

How often do you get to come to work on a Monday, watch the day turn to night and back, and it’s still Monday?